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Resources (Manuals, Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, interesting info, etc.)

Ibanez RS1010SL Wiring Diagram (Push Pull Pots)

Ibanez Tuners
Ibanez Original single connector EQ Board Color codes Trisound Switch Info
Ibanez 3 band EQ schematic Ibanez & Greco Pickup Information
Ibanez ST50 ST100 Schematic (thanks to Mongo) Modern Ibanez AR Series
Ibanez ST200 Schematic  
Ibanez ST300 Schematic Ibanez PUE5 Tube effects manual
Ibanez MC300 & 2619 Wiring Diagram  
Ibanez MC500 Wiring Diagram Ovation Breadwinner manual

Ibanez AR300 Wiring Diagram

Ovation Breadwinner Parts List
Ibanez AR500 AR5000 MC550 Schematic  
Ibanez AR500 old and new EQ board schematic Rock Solid Gibraltar Bridge Post Instructions
Ibanez RT650 Wiring Diagram  
Ibanez RS240 Wiring Diagram Ibanez Vol and Tone Pot Identification
Ibanez AR30 Wiring Diagram  
Ibanez RG125 Control Cavity Truss Rod measurement Guide
Ibanez RG600 Control Cavity Pickguard Measurement Guide
Yamaha Weddington Classic/Custom Wiring Diagram Pickup Ring Measurement Guide
Ibanez MC300 with Varitone Wiring Diagram                                                              1985 Ibanez Electric Guitar Instructionincludes Ibanez EDGE, POWEROCKER, The GIBRALTAR II, SHORT STOP and ACCU CASTbridge Setup instructions.
Ibanez MC924-MC940 Wiring Diagram
Ibanez AS200 Wiring Diagram
Ibanez BL550 Wiring Diagram  
Ibanez AR1200 Wiring Diagram
Ibanez IC210 Wiring Diagram 1983 Ibanez Electric Guitar & Bass Instruction includes PRO ROCK'R, TOP LOK, TOP LOK II, POWEROCKER, The GIBRALTAR II, SHORT STOP & ACCU CAST BII bridge setup instructions.
1982 Ibanez MC150 Wiring Diagram

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